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Altran is reunited with Tarin

Altran is a human boy from a mining village on the other side of the Iron Mountains from Fort Kerium.


When his entire village went missing in a fierce sandstorm, including his family, Altran went looking for help on his Sand Slider. Saved from some dingo raiders by Marshal BraveStarr, the lawman then took Altran back his now-ruined village to try and uncover the mystery. They were attacked by Pom-Pom Spiders in the Iron Mountains, but between the speed of the Sand Slider and BraveStarr's Neutra-Laser they got through to the other side.

At the ruins of his village, BraveStarr used his Optivisor to locate a heat source in one of the buildings which turned out to be Tarin, Altran's sister, in hiding. Tarin explained that she had seen giant Sand Crabs loading the villagers onto a large barge, and BraveStarr deduces that they have been kidnapped by Sand Storm.

Tarin points the way, and BraveStarr catches up to the villagers before they reach the Hexagon. BraveStarr uses his Strength of the Bear to defeat the Sand Crabs and free the villagers. (Rampage)