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Angus McBride is an ex-prospector and the father of Judge J.B. McBride. He has run the New Texas Star, the town newspaper of Fort Kerium, ever since being crippled by his former mining partner Tex Hex.


Angus is known as aspiring, noble, good-tempered, understanding, selfless, mature, cooperative, bold, rational, inspirational, dignified, educated, accountable, no-nonsense, gentlemanly, unswerving, sincere, meticulous, courteous, benevolent, righteous, instructive, determined, encouraging, fatherly, attentive, trusting, honorable, efficient, reasonable, protective, austere, patient and assertive.


Angus Jonas McBride had two children together with his wife Eileen. He convinced his mining partner Tex to travel to New Texas in search of Kerium, the rarest element in the universe. To remind him of his young daughter, J.B. Angus always carried a small holographic recording of her with him. Angus proved to be right about the richness of Kerium on the otherwize barren planet, but did not expect Tex to strike a deal with a diminutive Prairie Person called Scuzz to use Scuzz's people as a slave work force. Tex betrayed McBride and chose to take all the Kerium for himself and Scuzz. Leaving McBride tied and gagged on a cliff, the rumbling of their mining cruiser as it lifted off caused the cliff to colapse and McBride to tumble down, losing the power of both his legs.

The mystic Shaman found Mcbride and arranged for a Galactic Rescue Ship to pick him up. When they did the great wealth of the planet New Texas, Kerium, was revealed to the galaxy. His legs could not be healed, but McBride was given a hover chair to move around in. Having lost his claim to the kerium mines of New Texas, McBride began a new life as a newspaperman.

Behind the Scenes[]


  • Episode 01: Tunnel of Terror - "Mac" accompanied Doc Clayton when he went to look in on one of his patients in the desert lands. Some time later, Thirty/Thirty sought out Clayton and McBride and asked them for help, for a mine owned by Digger Knox had collapsed, trapping BraveStarr, J.B., Digger and Togg Salter inside.
  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Judge J.B. took Angus out into the desert by his request to look for the outlaw Howler and the Forgotton Tribe of the Prairy People. Angus wanted to get pictures and a story for he newspaper. But they were attaced by Howler and his Leaper Riders. Luckilly BraveStarr & Thirty/Thirty had followed them and came to their rescue.