Travel shells
Astro-Chick shelter travel mode

Traveling case.

Astro-Chick shelter

Travel Shells revealed.

Astro-Chicks were futurisitc poultry bred by farmers on New Texas.


New Settlers Paco and Michelle brought a group of Astro-Chicks with them in their traveling Dome Shelter when they moved into Peaceful Valley. The chicks had been cooped up in 'Travel shells' and packed into an electronic crate which had the ability to slide open on command. Young Michelle was tasked to set up the Astro-Chick shelter on the first morning after their arrival and proceeded to wake the chicks by having hem hatch out of their travel shells.


Astro-Chicks could be put in hybernation for traveling by placing a full grown chick into a specially prepared travel shell.

Astro-Chicks resembled a cross between a chicken and a turkey.