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Volcanic area of The Badlands, with the Hexagon in the distance

The Badlands are a large, lawless region of New Texas where human settlers rarely tread.

The Badlands has rocky areas such as the Iron Mountains, but also inhospitable volcanic regions such as around the Hexagon.

Location History[]

Badlands, New Texas

The Badlands were a region of New Texas inhabited by raiders such as dingoes. Few of the Human settlers dared to venture far into the Badlands for they were afraid they'd never make it back out. Even Shaman's Spirit Vision could not reach into the Badlands.

Apart from Dingoes, other dangers included the ominous Sand Vulture and the mechanical Pom-Pom Spider. The Dingo mystic known as the Dingo Llama lived in seclusion in a cave in the Iron Mountains. Because he liked his privacy, Dingo Llama boobytrapped the entire surroundings of his cave.


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - The prospectors threatened to drive the Prairie People into the Badlands and crossed it themselves on Turbo-Mules to get from Fort Kerium to the Prairie People Settlement.
  • Episode 07: No Drums, No Trumpets - BraveStarr told Paco that Sand Storm lived in the Badlands. Thirty/Thirty proposed to BraveStarr that they checked out the Badland to keep an eye on Sand Storm.
  • Episode 25: Wild Child - BraveStarr, Judge J.B. and Thirty/Thirty ventured deeper into the Badlands than any human had done before them.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Wild Child travelled through the Badlands to get from his home in the Lost City to Fort Kerium when he witnessed a pack of Dingoes attacking the Stratocoach. Later BraveStarr and Wild Child ventured into the Iron Mountains.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - Stampede told Sand Storm to make sure BraveStarr ventured into the Badlands on his quest. That way he would be out of range of Shaman's Spirit vision and could more easilly be ambushed. BraveStarr met a mysterious blind man called Ursian there, whom he tried to protect even without his powers and weapons.