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Character Background[]

He is a blue anthropomorphic biped bear.


Settlers that came too New Texas, he and his sister, Marris Woo, bumped into Handlebar while running in Fort Kerium square. Thinking that being a member of Carrion Bunch would be good, he and his sisterer were to plant a sleepy bomb, to help trap the Shaman, but they changed there mind.

Bravestarr and Thirty/Thirty saved them, from drowning in the underwater river near Starr Peak.

Later on they got a big brother Handlebar, and Ben under oath told the story about the sleep bomb[citation needed]

Behind the Scenes[]

Ben Woo was voiced by Charlie Adler


  • Episode 40: New Texas Blues - part of the audience during the Galactic music contest, but not seated next to his sister Marris.
  • Episode 48: Tex but no Hex (mentioned only) - mentioned by name by Marris Woo during the trial of Tex Hex.
  • Episode 57: The Ballad of Sara Jane - Ben was one of the children who came to look at Sara Jane after it had been found by Gurmee. He looked on in awe when Gurmee managed to fire it.