Brad in the Clubhouse


Brad at school

Brad was a schoolboy living in Fort Kerium. Together with his friends Jay and Daisy, he built The Clubhouse on the outskirts of Fort Kerium. Brad devised a way to close up the Clubhouse in a 'Fort mode' just like Fort Kerium itself.

Dingo Dealer confronted the three children in their Clubhouse and tried to interested them in trying out a drug called Spin. Brad and Daisy refused, but Jay tried out Spin and soon became addicted. Jay told Brad not to squeal on him, and therefore Brad was hesitant to tell Marshal BraveStarr that his friend was in trouble.

One night, Brad was confronted by Shaman, whith whom the boy was already familiar, Shaman convinced Brad to chose the life of his friend over the breaking of a promise. But when Brad tried to contact BraveStar, the marshal was out rounding up the Spin Factory. When he finally did tell BraveStarr it was too late: Jay had overdosed inside The Clubhouse and died. (The Price)

All the settlers of Fort Kerium were struck down by the pollen of the Fever Flower, including Brad and the other schoolchildren. BraveStarr and Wild Child managed to get a cure from the Dingo Llama and after receporating, Brad overheard two younger children, Brian and Clorg being ungrateful to Wild Child. Brad told Wild Child that he didn't have to take that, but Wild Child had learned to cope with their teasing. (Call of the Wild)

Behind the ScenesEdit

Brad was voiced by Susan Blu.


  • Episode 47: The Price - It was Brad's idea to equip the Clubhouse he built with Jay and Daisy with a 'fort mode'. Just like Fort Kerium. He refused to take the drug Spin, but also didn't want to be a fink and squeal on his best friend. He waited too long to tell the authorities and when he did, it was too late.

  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Brad was present after the children had recovered from the illness of the Fever Flower. He took Wild Child's side when Brian and Clorg acted ungrateful and told Wild Child that 'he could take them'.