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BraveStarr: The Movie (also called BraveStarr - The Legend and The Legend of BraveStarr) is a 1988 feature-length (91 minutes) animated Space Western movie based on the BraveStarr franchise[1]. The film introduces the character of Marshal BraveStarr and builds on his past and the fictional universe.

The film was based on Filmation's earlier BraveStarr television series (1987) and Mattel's action figure line of the same name (1986).

Although the movie was released soon after the 65-episode-long Filmation BraveStarr television series run had ended, the movie acts as a prequel to the television series.

Title and release dates[]

The film was distributed by Taurus Entertainment and was theatrically released as BraveStarr: The Movie in North America on 18th March 1988.

It was later released as BraveStarr - The Legend in Europe on 24th June 1988, and was known under this title for later marketing and home media releases.

The film was also later released under the title of The Legend of BraveStarr on 15th December 1988 in certain Asian countries such as the Phillipines.[2]


BraveStarr and J.B. kiss by the moons of New Texas

The movie follows the early years of BraveStarr, him becoming a Galactic Marshal, and arriving on New Texas where he has been assigned and where large kerium deposits have been discovered and which is being overrun by outlaws.

Reuniting with his childhood ward Shaman, BraveStarr he eventually will fulfil his destiny as the protector of the boom town Fort Kerium when he is comes into conflict with Stampede, the destroyer of BraveStarr's bygone people, and Stampede's servant and leader of the New Texas outlaws, Tex Hex.

Story Notes[]

  • Chronologically, the pilot episode of the television series, The Disappearance of Thirty/Thirty, follows on from the television movie.
  • Although the movie is set before the television series, it was released after the television series had ended. The final episode of the television series, Strength of the Bear, was broadcast on February 24th 1988, whereas the film was released soon after 18th March 1988 (North American markets). Accordingly, the movie could be called a prequel.
  • After Tom Tataranowicz was given the job of directing this animated feature, the first thing he did was oversee the filming of live-action actors that would then be roto-scoped and turned into stock animation for the move as well as the series.
  • Writer Bob Forward posed for various still photographs dressed as BraveStarr, including one picture of him leaning against a wall which was used as poster art.

Cast and Crew Credits[]



  • Directed by Tom Tataranowicz
  • Written by Bob Forward and Steve Hayes
  • Produced by Lou Scheimer
  • Executive Vice President of Creative Affairs Arthur H. Nadel
  • Music composed & performed by Frank Becker

Episode Breakdown[]

Law Protectors[]


  • Common Dingo


  • Eddie (cameo) (none speaking role)
  • Undertaker Bot (none speaking role)






  • Turbo-Saddle


  • Hound Bot







See also: DVD's

BraveStarr has been released in a number of formats, including VHS cassette, laserdisc, DVD, and online streaming services.


The film had a relatively small and limited theatrical run, playing only in weekend matinées in limited markets, and as such was not a box office success. Filmation closed down a year later.

However, the film was well received by critics upon release. The Los Angeles Times praised the film for its 'polished' use of computer generated effects, one of the first animated features to do so, and compared it favourably to Star Wars.[3]

On the Internet Movie Database, the movie has an average user rating of 6.9 out of 10, based on 1046 ratings.[4]

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has an 80% average user rating[5], based on 299 mostly positive reviews[6].


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