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Sneaky little Brian

Brian and Judy

Character Bio[]

Brian, sometimes known as "Gappie", was a young boy living in Fort Kerium, presumably with his parents. Together with his classmate Clorg, Brian used to tease Wild Child because of his Dingo upbringing. Even after Wild Child helped find a cure for the sudden illness brought on by the pollen of the Fever Flower, an illness from wich boty Brian and Clorg suffered, the two young bullies were not very grateful to Wild Child. However, by that time Wild Child had learned to deal with their attitude and accept it. (Call of the Wild)

Behind the Scenes[]


  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Brian called his new classmate Wimble a 'funny looking savage' and laughed at him. Despite of this, they did seem to enjoy sitting next to each other on the Bus-Jet. When the bus broke down in the Far Desert, Wimble showed his classmates which plants contained water and warned Brian not to eat the berries from a poisonous plant.
  • Episode 41: Trouble Wears a Badge - Brian picked up Marshal Carson's fallen hat to hand it back to him, but tripped and fell on it. After appologizing to the Marshal, Carson told Brian it was all right, straightened out the hat and gave it to the boy.
  • Episode 52: Brothers in Crime - Brian was playing at being BraveStarr while Judy was pretending to be Judge J.B. Both aimed their wooden sticks/imaginary riffles at a new boy in town, Orville. They laughed at Orville's stutter, his stuffed toy and the fact that he didn't know who Marshal BraveStarr was. Later, when he learned that Orville had helped the real BraveStarr to catch an outlaw, Brian was impressed and wanted to be Orville's friend.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Brian and Clorg took pleasure in teading Wild Child about his Dingo upbringing. They were the first to fell victim to the illness brought on by the Fever Flower, but remained ungrateful to Wild Child after he helped BraveStarr to secure the antidote.
  • Episode 64: Thirty/Thirty Goes Camping - While on a campint trip lead by Thirty/Thirty and Fuzz, Gappy went to explore the Ghost Town of Shylo with Nate and Billy, only to get caught by a bunch of outlaws.