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Daisy was a schoolchild living in Fort Kerium. Together with her friends Brad and Jay, she built The Clubhouse on the outskirts of Fort Kerium. She helped to built in a 'Fort Mode' inspired by Fort Kerium itself.

And she is also known as dependable, adventurous, imaginative, selfless, understanding, diligent, astute, independent, sweet-tempered and worrisome.

When Dingo Dealer tormented the three children in the Clubhouse. Daisy didn't trust Dealer from the first moment she saw him and left before the Dingo could push his merchandize. Unfortunately, Jay was not as wise and soon became addicted to Spin. He convinced Daisy to lend him three Kerium nuggets so he could buy another dose. Jay overdosed inside The Clubhouse and died.

Behind the Scenes[]

Daisy was voiced by Susan Blu.


  • Episode 47: The Price - Daisy was one of the three children who built the Clubhouse on the outskirts of Fort Kerium. She was the first to leave when Dealer came around to visit, sensing he was trouble. Later she lent her friend Jay three kerium nuggets, not knowing he would use it to buy Spin.