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Danna was an alien boy and childhood friend of BraveStarr when both were growing up on an unidentified desert planet.

One day, the two friends were playing a game with an Anti-Gravity Ball which Danna controlled by remote. Young BraveStarr claimed that Danna had hit him on the head on purpose, but Danna denied this. Enraged at being called a lyar, Danna jumped on BraveStarr and they began to fight. But Shaman appeared on the scene, having sensed the anger in BraveStarr's spirit. Shaman told them he had looked into Danna's mind and found him innocent.

Afterwards, BraveStarr and Danna were closer friends than before because they understood each other better.


Danna only appeared in a flashback to BraveStarr's youth. It is unknown what happened to him as he grew older, and if he survived the destruction of the planet BraveStarr grew up on as seen in BraveStarr - The Legend.

Behind the Scenes[]

Danna was voiced by Erika Scheimer