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Dealing pushing Spin

Dealer picking his teeth.

Dealer was a drug pushing Dingo who applauded the settlers to try out a drug by the name of Spin for free, then charging three Kerium nuggets for every subsequent hit.

And he is also known as determined, relentless, unconventional, gluttonous, desperate, erudite, abrasive, logical, even-tempered, roguish, diligent, independent, naughty, grouchy and obstinate.

While most of the spin addicts, or "Spin-heads" were situated around the Stone Canyon mining camps, Dealer ventured into the outskirts of Fort Kerium and tried to introduce three school children, Jay, Brad and Daisy to try out his 'fun' drug. Of the three, only Jay fell for his scheme and soon paid for it with his life.

Dealer was arrested and ended up in the penitentiary, but only after Jay passed away.

Behind the Scenes[]

Dealer was voiced by Ed Gilbert.


  • Episode 47: The Price - Dealer visited the Clubhouse and offered Jay and Brad a free taste of Spin. Only Jay took him up, and soon he became addicted. Each subsequent hit cost him three kerium nuggets. Dealer was arrested and thrown in jail after Jay overdosed and passed away.