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A snake-like reptilian humanoid, Diamondback is a Kerium prospector. He owns the Kerium deposit underneath Starr Peak along with his human colleague Billy-Bob.


  • BraveStarr - The Legend - Diamondback and Billy-Bob were hit by Vipra's Venomizer. She then began to steal their mined Kerium using a giant mechanical snake that sucked the kerium right into it's gaping mouth. But Vipra was interrupted by Tex Hex who offered her a place in his Carrion Bunch.
  • Episode 09: BraveStarr and the Law (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer) - Billy-Bob fell into an underground passage near Starr Peak and discovered a great amount of Kerium. Together with his partner Diamondback, he staked a claim for the land underneath Starr Peak with Clem Clodhopper. But the next day, Tex Hex, Outlaw Scuzz and Cactus Head attacked the two prospectors, saying that he claimed the land the day before they did. The case was brought before Judge J.B. McBride's court, where Clodhopper backed up Tex Hex's claim while under oath. However, sooon afterwards Doc Clayton discovered that Clodhopper had been hypnotized by Vipra using her Venomizer and had been forced to lie in court.
  • Episode 48: Tex but no Hex (none speaking role) - was in the audience during the trial of Tex Hex.