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Dingo Llama walks into his own trap

Character Bio[]

Dingo Llama was a Dingo mystic who lived in a cave in the Iron Mountains in the Badlands of New Texas. He was the only one who knew how to make the medicine to cure the illness brought on by the Fever Flower.

And he is also known as distant, il-tempered, negative, grouchy, obstinate, loathsome, logical, argumentative, mean and aspiring.

Like all Dingoes, Dingo Llama had an intense hatred for all the settlers who came to New Texas from other worlds. However, Dingo Llama also didn't enjoy the company of other Dingoes, and preferred to live in isolation in the Iron Mountains, which he surrounded by booby-traps to warn of any visitors. (Call of the Wild)

Behind the Scenes[]

Dingo Llama was voiced by Pat Fraley.


  • Episode 56 Call of the Wild - The Dingo Llama refused BraveStarr and Wild Child's request to help cure the settlers from the Fever Flower, and expressed disgust with Wild Child's willingness to help the humans. But when he walked into one of his own traps and was rescued by the two humans, he could no longer say no to their request.