A trio of dingoes in jail

The Dingoes also called Coyotoids are a race of anthropomorphic canine, mostly resembling  coyotes or wolves, that are natives on New Texas. Most of them are either outlaws or just live in recluse away from the settlers.


The dingo are usually depicted with fur that have different shades of gray. They also have yellow eyes.

Most of the dingoes in the show are depicted as thieves, robbers, or con men; basically anything to get themselves rich or feed. Not much is known about them outside of that. Wild Child, a human infant was taken in and raised by Dingoes after they raided and killed his birth parents. There is also the Dingo Llama, who lives alone, choosing not to interact or live near with the settlers.

List of DingosEdit

  • Dingo Dan has the unusally ability to make himself into a human
  • Dealer - A drugpusher, specializing in the drug Spin.
  • Wild Child, honorary dingo as he was raised by them, but left to live with the settlers after he learns that they're raiding was wrong see Wild Child (Episode)
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