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Doctor "Doc" Benjamin Clayton (formerly Sam Perkins [1]) was Fort Kerium's Afro-American doctor. He was a frequent ally to BraveStarr, but seemed to have some pacifist ideals - he found it confusing that the Krangs' elderly doctor could also be willing to kill people and ultimately convinced him to switch sides.

Behind the Scenes[]

Doc Clayton was voiced by Lou Scheimer (credited as Erik Gunden)

His name may be a reference to the famous gunfighter Doc Holliday.


  • Episode 01: Tunnel of Terror - Doc was accompanied by "Mac" when he went to look in on one of his patients in the desert lands. Some time later, Thirty/Thirty sought out Clayton and McBride and asked them for help, for a mine owned by Digger Knox had collapsed, trapping BraveStarr, J.B., Digger and Togg Salter inside.
  • Episode 29: Hostage - Doc returned from Sawtooth after treating an illness there. The Shaman has also contracted the illness & was taken hostage by Tex Hex. Doc helped to get him back from The Carrion Gang & cure him.
  • Episode 32: Lost Mountain - Fuzz sprained his arm during a crashlanding on Lost Mountain. After BraveStarr and Fuzz returned to Fort Kerium, Fuzz was treated by Doc Clayton.
  • Episode 38: Buddy - treated BraveStarr after he got injured in the Fort Kerium Bank during a tussle with Snake-Eye and Bear-Claw.
  • Episode 47: The Price - Doc was called upon to identify Spin-addicts and send them to hospital.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Despite suffering from the illness brought on by the Fever Flower himself, Doc Clayton took care of the sick schoolchildren while waiting for BraveStarr and Wild Child to get a permanent cure.