Buggy Number One

Dune Buggy Number One


Ryder's Razzle Dazzle Decoy

Dune Buggies were the vehicle of choice for the aptly named Dune Buggy Gang. Each of the buggys was equipped with a set of laser guns on each side. Although the buggies driven by each member of the gang looked identical on the outside, they all had personalized special features.

  • Ryder, the leader of the gang, referred to his Dune Buggy as 'Number One' and could give it voice commands that the Buggy would answer by tooting it's horn. The buggy was equipped with a computer that warned him if his buggy was being followed. His buggy also featured an inflatable "Razzle Dazzle" decoy modeled after himself hidden under the drivers seat, which could inflate to live size at the press of a button and was realistic enough when the buggy was set in motion to fool Marshal BraveStarr and Long Arm John.

The Buggy itself had enough intelligence to sense when enemies were near as it would turn it's guns towards the enemy at that time. However, when Long Arm John grabbed the inflatable dummy by the neck, it immediately began to deflate. Once the dummy had been exposed, 'Number One' headed back towards it's master, who was at that time in Fort Kerium. On his command, Number One used a magnet to attract Long Arm John's mechanical arm and take him for a ride. 'Number One' was eventually destroyed by Thirty/Thirty, who blasted it with Sara Jane'.

  • Dingo Dan's buggy came equipped with a grappling gun that he attached to the Stratostage in order to rob it. He also had a new Kerium Magnet with which he could magnetically pull the entire contest of the Kerium bank out of the building. The magnet and Buggy were strong enough to carry the extra weight without tipping over.

Dan could operate the buggy by remote control, but this version did not seem to have the level of intelligence that 'Number One' posessed. The controls were simple enough for Deputy Fuzz to master them in no time, and he used Dan's buggy push Slither's buggy into a pigsy as well as to destroy the magnet on Ryder's Buggy with a laserblast.

  • Slither's buggy never got to show off any attachments except the mounted guns, which he failed to fire. However, it was capable of carrying both Slither and a much heavier passenger, Ryder, hanging on to the back of the Buggy.


  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - The Dune Buggy Gang used their buggies in an attempt to rob the Stratostage. Later, Dingo Dan terrorized Fort Kerium with his Dune Buggy using a Kerium-Magnet and controling the buggy by Remote Control. Ryder's Buggy came equiped with a decoy to fool the posse and later dragged Long Arm John behind it grabbing his mechanical arm with a magnet. Deputy Fuzz figured out how to use Dingo Dan's Buggy in order to turn the tide.