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Blooming pollen of a native Fever Flower
The Fever Flower in bloom.
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Location Fort Kerium

The Fever Flower in bloom.

Flora Biography The Fever Flower used to grow all over New Texas, but only bloomed rarely. The pollen of the Fever Flower caused illness that affected every known species. Only the Dingo Llama knew how to make a medicine that prevented the fever, which was given by him to all the Dingos roaming the planet at a young age.

When he was raising BraveStarr, Shaman acquired a small amount of the Dingo medicine and gave it to the boy to make him immune against the Fever Flower. (Call of the Wild)

Years later, the Fever Flower bloomed again and struck down all the inhabitants of Fort Kerium apart from BraveStarr and Wild Child, who had been raised by Dingos and as such had received the medicine. Together they traveled to the Iron Mountains to ask the Dingo Llama for enough medicine to cure the population of settlers.


  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - The Fever Flower bloomed all over New Texas, causing illness by everyone unprotected by the medicine brewed by the Dingo Llama.