Fly-Spy in position

A Fly-Spy was a tiny, mechanical insect trained by Tex Hex to go out and eavesdrop for him. The Fly-Spy's eyes, or receptors, broadcast all it saw back to a computer monitor at the Hexagon.

When trouble was brewing between the down on their luck human Prospectors and the native Prairie People, Tex Hex ordered one of his Fly-Spies to take a look in Fort Kerium. The spy chose the Trading Post as it's base of operations, and overheard prospectors Zeke, Billy-Bob and Fred making plans to take kerium from the much smaller Prairie People by force.

Later, Judge J.B. McBride was escaping from the Hexagon when she noticed the feed from the Fly-Spy's receptors on Tex's viewscreen. She took an interest when she overheard Old Timer asking Handlebar for details about BraveStarr's feelings for J.B. But unfortunately for her, Handlebar swatted the Spy-Fly before he gave Old Timer an answer. (Kerium Fever)


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - Tex Hex took out one of his collection of mechanical little Fly-Spies and sent it to Fort Kerium. It found a place to spy on the settlers inside Handlebar's Trading Post, but was eventually swatted by Handlebar.