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  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - BraveStarr had a feeling trouble was brewing in Fort Kerium because it was too quiet. Indeed, animosity was growing against the Prairie People on the part of several Prospectors who were unable to find Kerium for themselves. Main street became the location of a showdown between three prospectors, two prairie people and the law. Later, Judge J.B. was kidnapped right out of her office, and BraveStarr ended up chasing the kidnappers through town.
  • Episode 47: The Price - Dealer travelled to Fort Kerium so he could secretly sell Spin. His first vicim was young Jay Olman.
  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - Fort Kerium was terrorized by Dingo Dan in his Dune Buggy while BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty were out searching for the other members of the Dune Buggy Gang.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - When the Fever Flower blossoms, all the settlers in town become ill except for BraveStarr and Wild Child.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - When Thirty/Thirty decided to go after BraveStarr in the Badlands, he first stoped at Fort Kerium to see if any of the other Law Protectors would join him.