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Gup was the Mayor of the Forgotten Tribe of Prairie People who resided near Ambush Canyon.

When Marshal BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty engaged in a fight against Howler and his Leaper Riders, Gup and his people appeared from under their secret hiding place to fend off the Dingoes. Howler had been terrorizing the Prairie People and asking them to pay a toll even though they had more right to the land than the outlaw did. Soon the Dingoes were on the run. But Gup was afraid Howler would soon return and that the Tribe's location had been compromised. BraveStarr assured him he would catch Howler and his gang before they had the chance to bother the Lost Tribe again.

Gup then proceded to explain the Prairie People Law that made it possible for young Wimble to choose a new, temporary parent.

Behind the Scenes[]

Mayor Gup was voiced by Pat Fraley