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Hawgtie was a humanoid pig dressed in a Union Army uniform. He seemed to be strong, and used bolas to capture or bind his victims.


Behind the scenes[]

Hawgtie was voiced by Lou Scheimer, using the pseudonym Erik Gunden.

  • Episode 44: Tex but no Hex - Hawgtie was in Fort Kerium when Tex Hex lost his powers and ended up in jail. Tex used his influence to make sure Hawgtie was named the final juror in his trial. Hawgtie was about to vote 'Not guilty' so that Tex would be let free, but BraveStarr's speech directed personally at Hawgtie made him change his mind.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear (none speaking role) - Hawgtie was part of Sand Storm's posse that ventured into the Badlands riding Turbo-Mule's.