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Howler was the head of a pack of Dingoes known as the Leaper Riders. They had domesticated the lizard like Leaper. Howler was known by his distinctive howl. His main base of operations was the aptly named Ambush Canyon, from which he attacked all who entered his self proclaimed territory. Even the Prairie People had to pay a price, despite the fact that Ambush Canyon lay in Prairie People Country.

Angus McBride wanted to get a story for his newspaper on Howler and convinced his daughter J.B. to take him out into the desert to take pictures. He told BraveStarr he did not need an escort, fearing his chances of spotting Howler would diminish if BraveStarr went along. But BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty followed them after all, and came to their rescue when Howler and the Leaper Riders attacked the McBrides. They got unexpected help from members of the Forgotten Tribe of Prairie People, who popped up out of their underground hiding places and took down several Dingoes and Riders. Gup, the Mayor of the Tribe, did express concern to BraveStarr about having revealed the location of their hiding places to Howler, but BraveStarr ensured the Mayor that he would round up the entire Dingo gang.

Howler was also seen when Wild Child thought back to his time living with the Dingoes (Call of the Wild)


Leaper Riders




  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Howler expected everybody who entered his territory to pay a price, including Galactic Marshals and Prairie People. After being defeated by BraveStarr, Thirty/Thirty and the Forgotten Tribe of Prairie People, Howler learned that Thirty/Thirty was acting as temporary father to Wimble and ordered Barker to catch the kid and set a trap for BraveStarr.
  • Episode 25: Wild Child - Howler was part of the troup of Dingoes that ambushed the Lawgivers in the Badlands and left Wild Child behind.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Howler was part of the pack of Dingoes that attacked the Stratocoach. They were defeated by BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty. He was also seen in a flashback laughing at the tussle between Wild Child and Goldtooth.