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Prairy People kidnapping
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Two masked Impostor Prairie People managed to kidnap Judge J.B. McBride right from her office, hold their own against Marshal BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty by firing Neutra-Lasers at them, and made off with the Judge riding a Turbo-Mule. They then demanded a ramsom by Message Card. This led the unrest between human prospectors and the native Prairie People to errupt into a conflict and almost began a war between the two factions.

In reality, the two kidnappers were part of a series of lifelike robots constructed by Tex Hex to stirr up trouble between the humans and the natives. His goal was to get the two parties fighting each other so he could get away with all of the Prairie People's Kerium. However, he did not expect that Judge J.B. would easily escape from the Hexagon and take a robot imposter with her to prove the Prairie People's innocence.


The Impostor Prairie Person who did the most talking sounded exactly like Outlaw Scuzz. It is therefore likely that Scuzz provided the voice patern for this particular robot.

Although the Impostor robots were easily damaged and broken, they managed to kidnap the Judge and escape from the Marshal and his Deputies with great ease, a feat that the regular members of the Carrion Bunch were hard pressed to accomplish.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Impostor Prairie People were voiced by Alan Oppenheimer (using the same voice as Outlaw Scuzz) and Charlie Adler.

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  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - Tex Hex built a number of robots the size and shape of Prairie People, covered them in clothing complete with hoods and had them successfully kidnap Judge J.B. and then send a ransom demand using a Message Card. This fooled most of the witnesses to the kidnapping into thinking that the Prairie People were beind the kidnapping and caused the animosity the humans already felt for the natives to reach a boiling point.