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The Iron Mountains at night in a storm

The Iron Mountains were located in a non-volcanic part of the Badlands of New Texas.


Dingo Llama lived there in a secluded cave surrounded by booby traps.

There are rumoured to be great treasures in the Iron Mountains, which is possibly why they are riddled with Pom-Pom Spiders, to ward off treasure hunters.

A group of human settlers set up a mining colony on the other side of the Iron Mountains, but were taken as slaves by Sand Storm as a gift for Tex Hex. BraveStarr managed to rescue them.



  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - The Iron Mountains were guarded by Pom-Pom spiders. The Dingo Llama lived in seclusion in a cave in the Iron Mountains. Because he liked his privacy, the Llama booby trapped the entire surroundings of his cave.