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Jay in the Clubhouse

BraveStarr at Jay's grave.

Jay was a schoolchild living in Fort Kerium. Together with Together with his friends Brad and Daisy, he built The Clubhouse on the outskirts of Fort Kerium. He helped to built in a 'Fort Mode' inspired by Fort Kerium itself.

Dingo Dealer tormented the three children in the Clubhouse and tried to interest them in trying out a drug called Spin. Brad and Daisy declined, but Jay tried it out and soon he became addicted. He told Brad he should not squeal on him, because he only took the drug secretly while in the Clubhouse. Dealer's first dose would have been for free, but the second time he asked for three Kerium nuggets. Jay stole the nuggets from his mother's purse to pay for his second hit, and borrowed another three from Daisy for his third and last one. Jay overdosed inside The Clubhouse and died.

Personality Traits[]

While under the influence of Spin, Jay used futuristic slang phrases such as "Oh, torch out!" and "That stuff is a real retro-blast.” He didn't seem to have common sense and listen to the advice of both his friends Daisy and Brad, thinking he knew better which eventually led to his demise.

Behind the Scenes[]

Jay was voiced by Erika Scheimer.


  • Episode 47: The Price - Jay built a Clubhouse on the outskirts of Fort Kerium with his best friends Brad and Daisy. He was the only one of the three children who fell to the temptation of a drug called Spin, which he secretly took inside the Clubhouse. It became his last resting place.