Jingles Morgan was a villain who appeared in the episode Fallen Idol.

He was given the name "Jingles" because of the star-shaped spurs he wore. Jingles was a lion-hearted commander at the Marshal's Academy and taught Marshal BraveStarr a great deal on how to become a good Marshal. BraveStarr looked up to Jingles as a hero and had a deep felt respect for him.

He was always shown to be gnawing on a toothpick and his weapons of choice were two disintergrators which were very powerful weapons.

He was always quick on the draw and nobody could beat him in a fast draw or the arena. This success went to his head and made him overconfident into thinking he would never lose to anyone.

During a friendly fighting game in the Marshal's arena on Anteares 3 against Imperial Guard Trooper Saloman Bliss, the overconfident Jingles lost after being knocked into the mud. Everyone laughed and this as well as losing to someone for the first time ever, made him snap. He picked up one of his disintergrators and killed Bliss shouting "I never lose!" before leaving the Academy.

He was now on the run as a fugitive wanted for the terrible crime he had committed. He went to the planet of New Texas and joined a gang led by Tex Hex who said he could only join if he killed his former student BraveStarr.

BraveStarr who was now the Marshal of New Texas was horrified to know that his hero Jingles was now wanted for murder.

Bravestarr tracked him down to the Hexagon with Thirty/Thirty and Deputy Fuzz for backup. BraveStarr asked Jingles to surrender peacefully, telling him how much he had admired him and didn't want to face him in a gun battle.

Jingles refused and went for his disintergrator ("I never lose!"), but BraveStarr went for his Neutra-laser first and shot it out of his hand proclaiming: "This time you've really lost!"

Jingles Arrested

Jingles arrested

Tex Hex and Thunder Stick who had been watching decided to kill both BraveStarr and Jingles, but they were foiled by Deputy Fuzz who had dug a hole underneath and Thirty/Thirty who blasted Sara Jane at them.

Jingles was then taken away to the prison ship to be sent back to Anteares for trial. BraveStarr asked Jingles why he had tried to kill him, especially since he was to him a hero and a man he had looked up to. Jingles just glared at BraveStarr and replied "I never asked to be your hero!". He then stepped into the ship glancing one last time at a heartbroken BraveStarr and left the planet.

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