J.B. McBride is the female Judge of Fort Kerium on New Texas. She is an ally, legal advisor and sometime romantic interest for Marshal BraveStarr.

History Edit

J.B.'s Scottish father Angus McBride was an ex-prospector; he ran the town's newspaper after being crippled by his former mining partner Tex Hex.

J.B. studied law at the Galactic Court of Justice and was later assigned to New Texas; she possibly requested the transfer due her father being on New Texas. She met BraveStarr on the interstellar transport, since BraveStarr had been assigned at the same time as her.

She comes to BraveStarr's aid from time to time, using a high-tech gavel given to her by the Prairie People - referred to as the 'Hammer of Justice' in the series - as a weapon.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Played by:

Susan Blu[1]


  • BraveStarr - The Legend
  • Episode 01: The Disappearance of Thirty/Thirty - When Thirty/Thirty suddenly disappears. She told Marshall Bravestarr not to be so hard on Thirty/Thirty.
  • Episode 05: A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge - An observer from the Galactic Court is sent to make a routine progress check on Judge McBride. At the end of the episode Judge McBride give the Moral Lesson of teamwork.
  • Episode 08: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - J.B. took her father into the Far Desert to get some pictures for his newspaper, but after they were attacked by Howler and his Leaper Riders and rescued by BraveStarr, Thirty/Thirty and members of the Forgotten Tribe of Prairie People, quickly returned with her father to Fort Kerium.
  • Episode 09: BraveStarr and the Law - She was the judge for a case between Billy-Bob and Tex Hex when Marshall BraveStarr quit and gave his badge to Judge McBride. Later when found out that Tex Hex was mind controlling the witness, she put the badge onto BraveStarr's chest.
  • Episode 10: Kerium Fever - Judge J.B. was kidnapped by two 'Prairie People' (actually robot replicas made by Tex Hex) and taken to the Hexagon. She managed to escape on her own accord and stole one of Tex's Turbo-Mules, taking one of the robots with her as evidence. She presented it as proof of Tex Hex's involvement at the Prairie People Settlement to stop a fight from breaking out.
  • Episode 11: Memories - Judge J.B.'s Father Angus was kidnapped by Krangs. She join forces with BraveStarr, Thirty/Thirty and Commander Karen Kane. She's jealous of the relationship between her father and Karen Kane. But later she perform the ceremony of the marriage of her father Angus McBride and Karen Kane.
  • Episode 12: Eyewitness
  • Episode 13: The Vigilantes
  • Episode 14: Wild Child - Judge J.B. was the first to befriend Wild Child by tending his wounds and convincing him to trust the Law-givers into bringing him back to the Dingoes. After entering the Lost City, she was the second to be captured by Zarko the Hunter and disappear.
  • Episode 15: Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here
  • Episode 16: Eye of the Beholder
  • Episode 22: Trouble Wears a Badge
  • Episode 23: Who Am I? - An archaeologist along with Molly was on his way to give an ancient book of spells to Shaman. She follows them. On their way they were attacked by Vipra who cast a spell on Judge J.B. to put her in a snake pit. She is saved by Marshall BraveStarr who lost his memory under a spell. Judge J.B., Marshall Bravestarr and Thirty/Thirty were getting back to town but on their way they met Vipra who cast a cast a spell and compelled all three of them. In Town Marshall BraveStarr torn the book and all of them break free of spell.
  • Episode 24: BraveStarr and the Treaty
  • Episode 27: Revolt of the Prairie People
  • Episode 28: Hostage - Shaman was kidnapped by Tex Hex and held at Stampede's lair. Marshall gave his words to Tex Hex to leave the town in exchange for Shaman safety. Judge B.J goes went to rescue Shaman from Stampede grasp. After she freed Shaman from Stampede and bring him to town Marshall Bravestarr thanks her. Before leaving Shaman gives her "Talisman of Courage" given to the most valiant of warriors.
  • Episode 29: Tunnel of Terror
  • Episode 30: The Good, the Bad and the Clumsy
  • Episode 47: The Price (None speaking role) - J.B. was among the mourners when the lifeless body of Jay Olman was taken away.
  • Episode 63: No Drums, No Trumpets (mentioned only) - BraveStarr mentioned that J.B. signed the papers to make Paco the sole owner of Peaceful Valley.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - J.B. followed Thirty/Thirty into the Badlands to help Bravestarr riding her Turbo-Stallion.

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