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The Leaper Riders were a bunch of Dingoes that had domesticated reptilian creatures known as Leapers (native to New Texas) as beasts of burden.

Known Members[]


  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - After enganging with Howler and his Leaper Riders, a young prairie person called Wimble chose Thirty/Thirty to be his temporary father. Thirty/Thirty reluctantly accepted, then began to teach Wimble how to use Sara Jane. When BraveStarr objected to this, Thirty/Thirty enroled Wimble in Miss Jenny's school at Fort Kerium so he and the marshal could concentrate on capturing Howler and his gang. He received a distress call from Miss Jenny on his intercom: the School Bus-Jet had crashed near Howler's territory. BraveStarr told Thirty/Thirty to search in quadrant 36-Alpha-18 and Thirty/Thirty made a power jump to get a good head start. Thirty/Thirty found Miss Jenny's class first and defended them with Sara Jane until BraveStarr and Fuzz joined him.