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Legend of a Pretty Lady
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Original Airdate:

November 12, 1987


Production number 61 of 65


Airdate number 41 of 65

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BraveStarr and the Medallion

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Sunrise, Sunset

Episode Information and Background[]

  • Original airdate: November 12, 1987
  • Writer: Richard Beban
  • Director: Richard Trueblood
  • Production number: 61
  • Airdate number: 41




"In BraveStarr's universe there are many different worlds."


"And on these worlds, people believe many different things. About how they were created, and how they should live their lives. And how to get along with each other. Even though they believe different things, in our universe , we think it is good to respect each person different beliefs."


"The same way as in your universe and on your planet."

Story Notes[]

This story, in which Judge J.B. travels a million years into the past, influenced the premise of the unproduced spin-off series Bravo! in which several Prairie People travel back 10.000 years into the past to stop the evil Bitter Root from enslaving their ancestors and altering the future.

Spirit Powers[]

  • Ears of the Wolf - used by BraveStarr to try to locate J.B.
  • Speed of the Puma - used by BraveStarr to cover a lot of territory, fast. Then used to speed to J.B. and carry her out as fast as possible.

Episode Breakdown[]

Law Protectors[]

  • Marshal BraveStarr
  • Thirty/Thirty
  • Deputy Fuzz
  • Judge J.B. McBride - J.B. is mysteriously transported one billion years into New Texas' past. Not only does she have to survive giants but in her own time, outlaws are trying to make sure she does not return. Thankfully, she has help from the ancient prairie people and BraveStarr to bring her back.


  • Slarg (none speaking role)
  • Blarg
  • Heff


  • Mayor Derringer
  • Handlebar
  • Billy-Bob - present at the trial of Slarb together with Diamondback. Billy-Bob hurried to the Trading Post to fetch BraveStarr when Judge J.B. mysteriously disappeared.
  • Diamondback (none speaking role) - present at the trial of Slarb together with Billy-Bob.


  • Shaman
  • Ancient Prairie People
  • Ancient Prairie Giants



  • Optivisor - BraveStarr uses his optivisor to follow a sparkling trail from an ion storm to find J.B. in the past.





  • Brontosaurs


  • purified Kerium - a sample of purified Kerium which was stolen from the Fort Kerium hospital by Zlarb was used as avidence during Zlarb's trial. It began to glow because of an Ion Storm raging outside, and when Judge J.B. picked up the sample, the kerium was hit by lightning and accidentally transported J.B. back into the ancient past.

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