Logi in class

Jumping Logi

Logi jumps up and down

Fever Flower victims

Logi and Judy are ill.

Logi was a very excitable alien child in Miss Jenny's class. He liked to hop up and down and catch bugs in his tongue. If Miss Jenny had not reminded him that there was no eating in class, he would have swallowed the bug.


  • Logi's color changed between appearances. in Eyewitness he had green skin and was wearing tan trousers. In Call of the Wild his skin color was tan and his trousers were blue. However, the change in color might have been brought because he was suffering from the Fever Flower illness during his second appearance.


  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild (non speaking role) - Logi was one of the alien children in Miss Jenny's class who became ill because of the Fever Flower he was visible standing in line when Doc Clayton dealt out the Dingo Llama's medicine.
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