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Long Arm John tips his hat.

Shake Hands with Long Arm John

Long Arm John was a newcomer with an Australian accent who came to New Texas to find work in Fort Kerium. He met Mayor Derringer aboard Molly's Stratocoach, which was attacked by Ryder and his Dune Buggy Gang at Bottleneck Pass.

Long Arm offered his services to defend the Stratostage and used his extendable mechanical arm to knock out the automatic guns on Slither's Dune Buggy, making it spin out of control and crash. He proceeded to pull Ryder's headband over his head, making him crash into a sand dune.

Grateful and impressed by Long Arm's efforts, the Mayor insisted that Marshal BraveStarr made him a Deputy Marshal and let him join a posse to capture the escaped members of the Gang, Ryder and Slither. Long Arm set off on a Turbo-Mule and searched the desert plains together with BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty.

When they finally caught up with Ryder's Dune Buggy, 'Number One', Long Arm used his arm extension to grab Ryder by the neck, only to find out Ryder had been replaced by an inflatable decoy. The empty Buggy quickly headed back to Fort Kerium, with the posse in persuit. On their arrival, Long Arm found Ryder and Slither lying in a pigsty thanks to Fuzz. But on Ryder's command 'Number One' used a magnet to attract Long Arm's arm and pull him after him as it drove off. Fuzz saved Long Arm by destroying the magnet with a laser mounted on Dingo Dan's Dune Buggy.

BraveStarr then decided that he and Fuzz would help find Long Arm John a position as a deputy marshal in a nearby town. (Shake Hands with Long Arm John)


He was known for having a mechanically extending right hand.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Long Arm John was voiced by Ed Gilbert.
  • An action figure of Long Arm John was advertised to be part of the second wave of BraveStarr toys, but the line was canceled before the toys were produced and shipped to stores.


  • Episode 54 Shake Hands with Long Arm John - While looking for a job in Fort Kerium, Long Arm John helped defend the Stratostage and joined a posse to round up the Dune Buggy Gang.