Mayor Derringer

Mayor Derringer

He is the elected head of the town Fort Kerium, New Texas


He is the one to ask for a

Personality and traitsEdit

He can be friendly, blustery, mature, accountable, judgmental (sometimes), offensive (sometimes), rude (sometimes), dignified, earnest, rational, righteous, industrious, nice and grouchy. He deputizes Long Arm John in and Deputy Fuzz is afraid of losing his job. in [1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mayor Derringer was voiced by Charlie Adler.


  • Episode 47: The Price (None speaking role) - The Mayor was among the mourners when the lifeless body of Jay Olman was taken away.
  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - The Mayor met Long Arm John aboard the Stratocoach and after Long Arm helped to fend off two/thirds of the Dune Buggy Gang, officially redeputized Long Arm to join the posse and bring down the still at large gang members. When Deputy Fuzz mistakingly allowed Dingo Dan to escape, Mayor Derringer fired him. But Fuzz managed to redeem himself and when BraveStarr found out he made the Mayor reconsider.


  1. Hands With Long Arm John
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