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New Texas from space

New Texas, also referred to as New Cheyenne[1][2], is the central setting for the BraveStarr franchise.

New Texas is a planet with mostly Earth-conditions, such as atmosphere and gravity; however the surface is mostly desert and prairie .The planet is in a star system with three suns, and the planet itself has three large moons often visible in the sky.

New Texas is located 600 parsecs (1957 light-years) from Earth.

Given the similar landscape on the surface, the first human settlers named it after Texas on Earth.[3]


The Equestroids made their home here in antiquity, building the Hall of Equestroids. Eventually they became all but extinct, leaving only Thirty/Thirty to watch over the ruin.

Shaman landed here when Marshal BraveStarr was young, and after BraveStarr had been left in the safety of the Galactic Marshals. Shaman landed here in his search for the ancient evil Stampede, who had destroyed The Tribe and who Shaman sought to destroy in return. Shaman's spacecraft became Starr Peak.

The planet was largely desolate until large deposits of kerium were discovered, causing a large flood of migrants of all races to the planet from around the Galaxy. These included prospectors and entrepreneurs, but also outlaws and fugitives.

As the situation became more dire, the citizens of Fort Kerium requested assistance from the Planetary Union. They needed a hundred lawmen. They got only one - BraveStarr - but he was enough.


The surface is mostly composed of desert and prairie , tabletop mountains, and canyons with a few wetlands.


The economy of the planet is based around services at the center of Fort Kerium, Aqua-Pod farming, solacow ranching, and of course kerium mining.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In early development, New Texas was originally going to be called New Cheyenne[4]. This could have possibly been named after the Native American tribe of the same name, or alternatively the state capital of Wyoming. Originally conceived by Filmation, the change was requested by the toymaker Mattel, who wanted the name changed to New Texas since they thought it would be more recognisable.[5]