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Old Timer has some Sweetwater.

Old Timer driving his wagon.

Old Timer's Covered Wagon.

Old Timer was an experienced prospector who had searched for Kerium and other valuable substances on several different planets.

He was on New Texas during a particularly dry spell for finding Kerium. While riding his Covered Wagon through Fort Kerium he witnessed the kidnapping of Judge J.B. McBride by what appeared to be two masked Prairie People and Marshal BraveStarr chasing them.

Later on, Old Timer visited Handlebar's Trading Post for a glass of Sweetwater. There, he reminisced about similar trouble between humans and natives on another planet in the Kayflux Galaxy. Because the humans were in the minority on that planet, they were the ones being blamed anytime something went wrong. This tought the Old Timer to 'never judge a thing unless you've slithtered a mile in it's trail". Old Timer then proceeded to ask Handlebar if it was true that BraveStarr 'was sweet' on Judge J.B. (Kerium Fever)

Once, when Old Timer arrived back at Fort Kerium on a Turbo-Mule carrying two sacks filled with Kerium, he was robbed by Dingo Dan using his remote control Dune Buggy.

Behind the Scenes[]

Old Timer was voiced by Lou Scheimer (credited as Erik Gunden).


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - Old Timer was driving his covered wagon when BraveStarr was chasing the Turbo-Mule carrying a kidnapped Judge J.B. Later he took a drink in the Trading Post and recounted unrest between humans and natives in the Kayflux Galaxy. At that time, it was the humans who got the blame.
  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John (none speaking role) - Two sacks of Kerium were snatched from Old Timer's hands by the Dune Buggy operated by remote control by Dingo Dan.