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Tex's cigar-smoking henchman and cousin of Deputy Fuzz - he was apparently the only Prairie Person to take up a life of crime. Like Tex Hex, he was mutated by Stampede, though in his case it was due to a bolt of energy shot by Tex at him after he first transformed, and it was possibly less of a transformation and more of a simple shock to him. As a result, he closely resembles a haglike human and has gray hair. Scuzz is often berated by the others for his constant smoking. Fuzz even apprehended Scuzz for this until BraveStarr pointed out that smoking is not a crime. Though why Scuzz would not be kept in custody for his real crimes remains a mystery. Unlike Tex himself, he is somehow able to go into Fort Kerium to mingle with the population and aquire info for the Carrion Bunch. Skuzz has also worked for other criminals not affiliated with the Carrion Bunch, like Two-Face and Morabund.


Scuzz struck a deal with a purple skinned prospector named Tex to use the Prairie People as a slave work force. In turn, Tex Hex double-crossed his mining partner McBride and decided to take all the Kerium they would have found for himself and Scuzz. Leaving McBride tied and gagged on a cliff, the rumbling of their mining cruiser as it lifted off caused the cliff to colapse and McBride to tumble down, losing the power of both his legs.

But Tex and Scuzz would have been too stingy for their own good. The ship would have been filled past its capacity and it failed almost immediately after liftof and crashed, leaving both Tex and Scuzz mortally wounded. The wicked Broncosaur spirit called Stampede took advantage of the situation. He was looking for a servant to assist him fight his archenemy Shaman and moldied Tex in his own image, restoring his body and giving him powers of transformation, destruction and sorcery. In doing so, Tex' face became more withered and bone like, and his brown hair turned white. Now known as Tex Hex, Stampede's servant's first act was to restore Scuzz back to health, although he did not gain any extra powers in doing so.


Behind the Scenes[]

Outlaw Scuzz was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever (none speaking role) - Scuzz was present in the Hexagon when Cactus Head reported to Tex Hex.
  • Episode 07: No Drums, No Trumpets - Thunder Stick and Scuzz started to heckle Paco and Michelle at their arrivel because he was carrying his daughter's dolls. Scuzz was captured by Deputy Fuzz, who used his lasso to tie his outlaw cousin in a ball. Scuzz was sentenced with a few nights in the cooler by BraveStarr.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear (none speaking role) - Scuzz was present when Cactus Head informed Sand Storm about Marshal BraveStarr traveling the Badlands alone.


Ironically Scuzz actually hates smoking and warns kids not to smoke in the moral segment for the episode No Drums, No Trumpets.