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Photo-Clover are a species of plant native to New Texas. They are a staple diet of Solacows which are ranched by humans on the planet.


The Photo-Clover has tough green roots, very tough blue leaves, and a soft, fleshy edible interior.

The blue leaves on the plant can furl up and unfurl, and are too tough for the Solacows to eat, but they only cover the plant during the night to protect the plant from the cold New Texas nights. The Solacows eat the red interior during the day, when the blue leaves are unfurled and the interior is exposed.


The Photo-Clover caused a battle at Hydrogen Valley, when both ranchers and kerium miners were given permits by Judge J.B. McBride. The mining equipment caused noise and vibrations which made the Photo-Clover hibernate, and the Solacows were going hungry.

Fortunately, Marshal BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty intervened before any life was lost. The different parties then joined forces to battle some dingoes, and Judge McBride proposed a compromise - the miners would only conduct their business during the night. (A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge)



  • It is unclear if the Photo-Clover are sentient or just responding to vibrations in the ground and audio stimuli.