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They are a native people of the planet New Texas were they mine Kerium and are great at digging underground, and a knack for fixing things.


A found in tunnels all across New Texas

They are one of the Natives of New Texas many are miners that hunt for Kerium, a rare and powerful magical crystal, brings an infinite number of colonists from all corners of the galaxy.

Known Folks[]


  • Pretty Lady

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  • Episode 04: Brother's Keeper - Zeke, Billy-Bob and Fried used slurs like 'Fuzz-Balls' and 'Critters' against the Prairie People who had better luck findiing Kerium than they did. However, Handlebar didn't allow no name-calling in his place. Later, even BraveStarr let slip the term 'critters' after it appeared that two Prairie People kidnapped J.B. Zeke rerrered to them as Varmints and Billy-Bob called them 'crooked little sand-rats'.
  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Wimble was a young Prairie Person whose parents were far away. Prairie People Law allowed him to choose a new parent until the real ones returned. Wimble chose Thirty/Thirty.