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Character Biography[]

Ryder was the leader of the Dune Buggy Gang that made the Badlands an unsafe place to be. They often to target Molly's Stratocoach. On one such occasion, Mayor Derringer was aboard with Long Arm John, who helped to thwart the Gang's efforts. The Grateful Mayor then told Marshal BraveStarr to appoint Long Arm as a new Deputy and start a posse to round up the Dune Buggy Gang. (Shake Hands with Long Arm John)

And he was also known as relentless, mean, determined, efficient, roguish, diligent, unfriendly, negative, emotionless, bellicose, unconventional, grouchy, gluttonous, shrewd, grim, abrasive, nasty and gentlemanly.

Ryder's personal Dune Buggy, which he referred to as 'Number One', came equipped with several gadgets, including a blow up decoy molded after Ryder himself


Behind the Scenes[]

Ryder was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer


  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - Ryder attempted to rob the Stratostage carrying a load of diamond kerium. When a posse came after him, he used a decoy to slip away. But he was derailed and captured as soon as he entered Fort Kerium.