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SandStorm is one of the recurring villains in the BraveStarr series.

Character Background[]

A red reptilian alien who could exhale giant clouds of sand, which the Carrion Bunch often used to escape. He acted as the leader of the gang whenever Tex wasn't around. His kind were sometimes called 'Sand Walrus' and are native to New Texas. He could also use his sand to put people to sleep and summon up sand creatures. He was one of the most evil beings on New Texas, so much that the only ones more evil than him were Tex Hex and Stampede. And he is also known as serious, attentive, no-nonsense, determined, stoic, thoughtless, observant, rational, mean, sensitive, accountable, narcissistic, diligent, smart, testy, organized, respectful and menacing.


  • Sleepy Dust: his sand to put people to sleep.
  • Sand creatures: summon up
  • He could blow wind, and sand to pick up people and things.


Behind the Scenes[]

He was voiced by Ed Gilbert.


  • Episode 07: No Drums, No Trumpets - When Sand Storm learned that settlers had claimed the valley out towards Sawtooth, which he liked to claim as his own, he set out to force them out by causing a sand storm.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - With Tex away, Sand Storm was in charge of the Carrion Bunch. When he learned BraveStarr was alone and powerless in the desert, he told Vipra to get together as many evil-doers together as she could.