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Sara Jane
Sarah Jane.jpg
Sara Jane
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects *
Source Hall of Equestroids
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A


Thirty/Thirty's weapon of choice. Stored in the Hall of Equestroids, originally till Thirty/Thirty, took it up [citation needed] and runs on Kerium


Sara Jane being put to use.

  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - Thirty/Thirty carried Sara when BraveStarr confronted the three prospectors on the street, and later blasted off a shot at a masked Prairie Person that was shooting at BraveStarr.
  • Episode 07: No Drums, No Trumpets - Thirty/Thirty kept Thunder Stick and Scuzz 'busy' by firing Sara Jane at the crates they were taking cover behind. He later used Sara to blast a way into the Hexagon and to shoot a hole in two drainpipes to douse Vipra with water.
  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Thirty/Thirty greets Howler with a 'friendly hello' from Sara Jane. He then used Sara Jane to blast Goldtooth and another Dingo off their Leapers. Once Thirty/Thirty became Wimble's temporary father, he showed them how to use Sara Jane. BraveStarr did not agree with him and the two of them got into an argument. Later, Sara Jane was used to ricochet a net that two Dingoes had shot out of a Net-Bazooka. He then fired several more rounds defending Miss Jenny and the children from the Leaper Riders.
  • Episode 25: Wild Child - Thirty/Thirty fired Sara Jane in the fight against the Dingoes who attacked the Stratocoach.
  • Episode 47: The Price - Thirty/Thirty used Sara Jane to arrest the Dingoes who operated the Spin Factory, but did not fire any shots.
  • Episode 54: Shake Hands with Long Arm John - With a single shot, Thirty/Thirty used his weapon to carve a ramp out of desert rock so that Dingo Dan's Dune Buggy flew into the air for BraveStarr to catch. Later on, Sara Jane was used to destroy Ryder's Dune Buggy as it was about to attack BraveStarr.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Big Pard was polishing Sara when he fell ill to the Fever Flower.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - Thirty/Thirty used Sara Jane to blast a boulder blocking the entrance to a mine. He also used Sara Jane to shoot a Neutra-Laser out of Sand Storm's hand to disarm him.