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Skuzz and Fuzz
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Original Airdate:

September 17, 1987


Production number 19 of 65


Airdate number 4 of 65

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A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge

Episode Information and Background[]

  • Original airdate: September 17, 1987
  • Writer: Don Heckman
  • Director: Bill Reed
  • Production number: 19
  • Airdate number: 4


BraveStarr's clumsy sidekick Deputy Fuzz finds out that his evil cousin Skuzz wants to betray the Prairie People Settlement to the Carrion Bunch.


Deputy Fuzz becomes trapped with his cousin, Outlaw Scuzz in an underground chamber with the largest boulder of kerium ever seen. The cousins are already at loggerheads since Deputy Fuzz works for Marshal BraveStarr and Outlaw Scuzz works for Tex Hex, but the presence of the huge kerium deposit causes even further friction. The Prairie People have constructed a forcefield around the giant kerium nugget, but Scuzz's repeated attempts to access it for his master threaten to cause a meltdown.

Moral Segment[]

BraveStarr and Fuzz discuss how it was Scuzz who saved Fuzz's life, and that there may be a little good in even the worst of people.

Story Notes[]

  • When BraveStarr uses Ears of the Wolf, we see Tex Hex, Thunder Stick, Vipra and a Dingo approaching on vehicles. But a moment later the party consists of Tex, Thunder Stick, Cactus Head and a Sand Crab pulling Sand Storm in his Slave Barge instead.

Spirit Powers[]

  • Ears of the Wolf - BraveStarr uses Ears of the Wolf to hear Tex and the Carrion Gang approaching.

Episode Breakdown[]

Law Protectors[]



  • Chief Tussle
  • Wuzzella - Fuzz gets sidetracked on his way to visit Wuzzella, but she catches up with him in the end.







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