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Several Dingoes, including Barker and Goldtooth, operated a secret Spin factory situated just beyond Stone Canyon. There they fabricated the deadly drug called Spin which they distributed in the Stone Canyon mining camps.

Spin was very addictive. This liquid drug was usually acquired in a tiny glass bottle. Rather than swallowing the substance, the user would let the liquid drop onto the palm of his or her hand. The drug provided the user with a sence of bliss, accentuated by colors and a spinning, floating sensation.

Many miners became addicted and quickly lost their minds because of the drugs and had to be restrained by Marshal BraveStarr back in Fort Kerium. In this state, they were known as 'Spin-Heads'.

One of the Dingoes, Dealer ventured out towards Fort Kerium to attempt to sell the drug to teenages. Dealer found Jay Olman willing to try out the Spin experience. After giving the boy his first hit for free, Dealer charged three Kerium nuggets for each subsequent hit. The third hit of Spin proved to be fatal to young Jay.

According to Dingo Barker, Spin was 'just fun, it don't hurt nobody'. It is possible that Dingoes were immune to the addictive effects of the drug, much as the Dingo Llama had found a medicine to become immune against the illness caused by the Fever Flower.


  • Episode 47: The Price - Located just beyond Stone Canyon, this was where the deadly drug Spin was manufactured by Dingoes.