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Sweetwater was the most popular drink amongst the inhabitants of New Texas. Handlebar traded the drink for a few nuggets of Kerium at his Trading Post in Fort Kerium.

A pink, clear liquid, Sweetwater was popular with all sentient beings, from Humans to Dingoes, Prairie People and Equestroids.

However, during times when Kerium was hard to come by, some prospectors would find themselves having to share one glass of Sweetwater because they could not afford any more. (Kerium Fever)

Deputy Fuzz once tricked Dingo Dan into walking into a trap by enticing him with a glass of Sweetwater. (Shake Hands with Long Arm John


  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever - Zeke and Billy-Bob were so down on their luck that they had to share one glass of Sweetwater between them. Fred, who usually ordered a double Sweetwater, got one on the house from Handlebar.
  • Episode 35: Fallen Idol - Jingles Morgan orders a Double Sweetwater, no ice from Handlebar.
  • Episode 53: The Bounty Hunter - Luke Jones orders a mug of Sweetwater with ice at the trading post.