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City of the Old Ones

street level of the Lost City

Location bio[]

For a long time, the fabled Lost City was no more than legend amongst the settlers of New Texas. Located somewhere deep in the Badlands, where only Dingoes did not fear to thread, no off worlder had ever laid eyes on The Lost City. But when Zeke told Marshal BraveStarr and Judge J.B. McBride that he may have spotted a human child living with the Dingoes, the heroes ventured deeper into the Badlands than ever before. Following a pack of Dingoes that had left Wild Child behind, they entered a tunnel and were led straight to The Lost City itself, which the Dingoes apparently used to hide out in from time to time.

They soon found themselves being hunted by The City's lone surviving member of the 'Old Ones': Zarko the Hunter, who had the power to remain unseen and make the intruders disappear one by one.

Although Zarko the Hunter was not friendly towards the grown up intruders, he did not mean any harm towards Wild Child, because Zarko was impressed by the boy's courage, which reminded him of his son. BraveStarr eventually managed to persuade Zarko to change his attitude and raise the Wild Child in the Lost City.


  • Episode 25: Wild Child - While trying to escape, the Dingoes led the law-givers straight to the fabled Lost City, where Thirty/Thirty and Judge J.B. were captured by Zarko the Hunter, and BraveStarr was almost overpowered in one to one fight.
  • Episode 56: Call of the Wild - Zarko, having adopted Wild Child, made sure that the boy attended school in Fort Kerium.