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The Taking of Thistledown 123

Original Airdate:

September 16, 1987


Production number 6 of 65


Airdate number 3 of 65

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Episode Information and Background[]

  • Original airdate: September 16, 1987
  • Writer: Bob Forward
  • Director: Ernie Schmidt
  • Production number: 6
  • Airdate number: 3


Ghostly outlaw and BraveStarr's nemesis Tex Hex captures a space freighter full of precious kerium ore, and holds everyone there hostage, including the mayor and a visiting dignitary. Even the mighty BraveStarr will need help with this situation.


The Planetary Union sends a Cygnian ambassador to New Texas appraise Mayor Derringer of Fort Kerium. Initially satisfied with the way the town is being run, the ambassador unfortunately sees Marshal BraveStarr sleeping on the job and resolves to make a damning report because of it, and promises to have BraveStarr fired and replaced.

Meanwhile, a massive freighter called the Thistledown 123 has docked with the spaceport of the town and been filled up with kerium, ready to depart. Unfortunately, Tex Hex and his gang takes this opportunity to infiltrate the freighter and take it over, taking the mayor and the ambassador hostage in the process. The ambassador cannot breathe in the atmosphere of New Texas, and with the air in his spacesuit running out, the denizens of Fort Kerium may be forced to obey Tex Hex's commands.

Moral segment[]

Sitting down at his desk inside the Marshal's Office, BraveStarr speaks directly to the viewers about the importance of teamwork, since it only though BraveStarr, his allies and the ambassador working together that they were able to turn the tide on Tex Hex and free the Kerium freighter.

Story Notes[]

Spirit Powers[]

  • Stength of The Bear: BraveStarr uses this power to hold onto a mooring cable as Tex Hex prepares to escape with the Thistledown 123. The sudden stop of momentum causes Tex Hex to be thrown from a window, down to the surface and into a cactus patch.

Animation Error[]

  • Outlaw Skuzz is first seen from the back sitting in his Skuzz Bucket. He lights a stick of dynamite by striking it against the vehicle with his left hand. Then the angle changes to a view from the front and now he's holding the dynamite in his right arm to light his cigar.

Episode Breakdown[]

Law Protectors[]





  • Optivisor - used by BraveStarr to identify Tex's outlaw gang heading for Fort Kerium.


  • Music Bot
  • Taxi Bot




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