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The Tribe were an unnamed, nomadic ethnic group of humans. Marshal BraveStarr and his mentor Shaman are the last known members of The Tribe, both of whom reside on the planet of New Texas - BraveStarr in Fort Kerium and Shaman on Starr Peak.


The origins of The Tribe are unknown, but they are suggested to have historical ties to the Native American peoples of Earth.

The Tribe later lived on an unnamed planet or moon which was invaded by bronco tanks. The invaders sought to drain the planetary power plant for sustenance, but were actually under the influence of the evil spirit Stampede, an age-old enemy of The Tribe. The battle was fierce, the planet was destroyed, and BraveStarr's people tragically all but wiped out.

Shaman managed to escape on a large totem ship, taking the young BraveStarr with him. Soon after Shaman ejected a sleeping BraveStarr inside a cryopod near to a Galactic Marshal space station where he knew the boy would be safe, and travelled onto New Texas to battle Stampede alone. Shaman's ship would eventually become encased in sand and stone and became known to New Texans as Starr Peak.

Many years later, BraveStarr would become a Galactic Marshal himself and as destiny would have it, he would be assigned to New Texas where he reunite with Shaman and join in his quest of destroying Stampede. (BraveStarr - The Legend)


Honor in all your deeds. Respect for all life. And be the protector of the weak and old. (Strength of the Bear)


  • The Tribe had a natural affinity for mystical powers, which could amplify the abilities of the wielder. This is shown in BraveStarr's animal powers, as taught to him by the Shaman. These powers were personified in the ancestor spirit Ursian.

Behind the scenes[]

  • If BraveStarr's people did indeed originally comes from Texas on Earth, then they may have been related to the indigenous peoples of that region. These included but were not limited to the Pueblo, the Uto-Aztecan Puebloan, Apache, Atakapans, Caddo, Choctaw, Comanche, Kickapoo, and Wichita.