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Trouble Wears a Badge
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Original Airdate:

October 15, 1987


Production number 41 of 65


Airdate number 22 of 65

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Episode Information and Background[]

  • Original airdate: October 15, 1987
  • Writer: John Shirley
  • Director: Richard Trueblood
  • Production number: 41
  • Airdate number: 22




"Howdy, parts! Today Marshal Carson learns something that I had to learn myself once. He found out that a person isn't bad just because he looks different or speaks another language. And I reckon he knows that it's a big wonderful universe, with lots of room in it for all kind of peoples and animals."


"Glad you feel that way, Marshal. I wouldn't want you to feel bad just cause you... don't look like me."

Story Notes[]

  • Near the end, when Marshal Carson is about to depart, in the long establishing shot he is wearing the white cowboy hat that he gave away earlier in the story. When it cuts to a close up, the hat is gone.

Spirit Powers[]

  • Speed of the Puma - used by BraveStarr to grab a stick of dynamte from Zed's hand. Later used to save Mayor Derringer from an out of control machine.
  • Strength of the Bear - used by BraveStarr to pick up a reanimted machine and throw it away. Used again to grab a wrecking ball and send it back to where it came from. Used a third time to break into the alien spaceship.

Episode Breakdown[]

Law Protectors[]



  • Mayor Derringer
  • Angus McBride
  • Clem Clodhopper - Clem warned Marshal BraveStarr that the Zakk cousins were having another argument and that there was going to be trouble.
  • Zakk
  • Zedd
  • Brian - Brian picked up Marshal Carson's fallen hat to hand it back to him, but tripped and fell on it. After appologizing to the Marshal, Carson told Brian it was all right, straightened out the hat and gave it to the boy


  • Shaman
  • Boris
  • Greenflame (appears in flashback)





  • Turbo-Stallion
  • Turbo-Mule
  • Turbo-Saddle - Angus McBride's Turbo-Saddle goes haywire when it comes near the mysterious Alien spaceship in Dust City.
  • Boris' Spaceship



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