Tunnel of Terror
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October 27, 1987


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The Good, the Bad and the Clumsy

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We see as a group, Doc Clayton, Angus McBride, Judge J.B. McBride and Bravestarr on Thirty/Thirty check on the local prospects and others, they break up near a mine, Digger, Togg Salter, took some of the Kerium, he didn't ask for it, so when he tried to keep from be arrested, an explosion, and a gas that folks fear started to spread, so using the

He was also done a lot scientific work, he had no criminal record from the Optivisor, he needed to help his sick son, but the prospector, spoke with Judge J.B. McBrideand Bravestarr about working for a year with him instead of going to jail in an agreement.

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BraveStarr: Can't you go any faster?
Thirty/Thirty:I'm tryin', but my transistors are resistin'.

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Judge J.B. McBride:[during moral segment] There is no good reason for stealing.

BraveStarr: Right. Because there's always another way to get what you need. It might not be the easiest way, but in the long run, it's the best. It's called: the honest way.

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