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J.B. receives her Turbo-Stallion.

Judge J.B.'s personal steed is a modified and souped up Turbo-Mule especially prepaired for her by the Prairie People.

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  • Episode 05: Kerium Fever (mentioned only) - When Judge J.B. escaped from the Hexagon on a Turbo-Mule, she wished she was riding her Turbo-Stallion instead.
  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Judge J.B. took her father out into the desert by his request on her Turbo-Stallion, to look for the outlaw Howler and the Forgotton Tribe of the Prairy People.
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - Judge J.B. travelled into the Badlands on her Turbo-Stallion to help BraveStarr.