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Character Background[]

A two headed anthropomorphic cyborg bird. (maybe a buzzard) One head being real flesh & the other robotic.

No background to the character exists, so it is unknown if regular members of his race actually have two heads, or if the robotic head was simply added on for some reason. It does seem fairly likely that all that remains of his original organics are his head, lungs and maybe some of his circulatory and central nervous systems.

Lucas Conway was the Marshall that put Two Face in Jail, and one head wanted to get back at him for that, by taking his son Mark Conway, in revenge


Lucas Conway’s reluctance to use his gun when faced by villains seems like cowardice in the eyes of his son Mark. When Mark is captured by the villain Two Face, Lucas and BraveStarr must storm his fortress for a rescue, and Lucas must pickup his gun one more time in an effort to save his son



In the script to avoid confusion Two Face is referred to as Two Face #1 (buzzard-like) and Two Face #2 (robotic). The plot of this episode is very similar to an episode of He-Man titled Double Edged Sword in which a grandfather tries to make his grandson understand the danger of guns.